Cocktail Rings

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  • all beads and wire
  • 1.5 hours of tuition
  • gift bags to take your rings away

Design and make your own statement rings using glass beads, crystals, pearls and semi precious beads. You'll create stylish and fun jewellery that can accessorise any outfit. We'll show you several techniques to create gorgeous beaded cocktail rings. We'll show you beading techniques and patterns and how to manipulate wire to create ring bases. You will get to make 3 - 4 beaded cocktail rings in this fun crafty hen party workshop.

If you would like to host your own craft party or you have a smaller group size, you can buy a cocktail ring craft party kit here!

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours

Group Numbers: 10+

Price per Person: £25.00

Please enquire here for availability.


Host your own craft party with one of our cocktail ring craft kits. They cost £14 each and are available to buy here.